Hostel Movie Review


Ashok Selvan
Priya Bhavani Shankar
Ravi Maria
‘Mundasupatti’ Ramdoss
Aranthaangi Nisha


Director – Sumanth Radhakrishnan
Director of Photography – Praveen Kumar
Music – Bobo Shashi
Editor – Ragul
Art Director – G Dhurai Raj
Choreography – Apsar R
Stunt – Pradeep Dhinesh
Production Manager – T Selvaraj & S N Asraf
PRO – Sathish (AIM)
Publicity Design – Thandora
Executive Producer – Murali Krishnan
Co Producer – Kal Raman
Producer – R Ravindran
Production House – Trident Arts

The hostel for college students operates in the old building. Nasser is the strict warden and Muniskanth is the student security guard. Ashok Selvan, a student who is stuck with a debt of Rs 50,000, does not know how to raise money. Priya Bhavani, who arrives at the time, says she will pay if she is taken to the Boys Hostel.

Lusting for money, he takes Priya into the boys' hostel. Muniskanth sees the woman entering the hostel and hands it to Nasser. Immediately Nasser comes into the room to test. How Ashok Selvan hides Priya without him knowing.

The film then tells the story of how Rar sent him out of the hostel and how Muniskanth gets caught up with one of the gay men in the hostel.

Hostel has evolved into a movie that makes you laugh from start to finish without looking at the logic and magic.

Hero Ashok Selvan has never looked so fun and comedic in any film. Cema has broken his bandwagon image by acting down locally.

Action comedies who lure Priya Bhavani into a hostel for money and try to hide her from Nasser's eyes.

When Nasser opens the door to keep Priya in the room, Priya escapes from Nasser's eye by removing the window bar inside the room.

The scenes are set as comedy and Satish, Munish Kant and Hogi are also brought into the comedy for the decade.

Nasser, the strict hostel warden, at one point gets caught up in the ghost and makes comedy to the point where Dangwar hangs himself and sees the stomach churning.

Ravi Maria, on the other hand, is not shepherding a comedy crowd by the name of Rowdies and she too is trapped in a ghost and degenerates into explosive laughter.

Aranthangi Nisha comes running as a ghost and does a running comedy like Running Commentary as he fixes First Night Date with Muniskanth and chases him away.

The film is produced by Trident Art R. Raveendran.

Director Sumanth Ramakrishnan has bleached the scenes with laughter. Despite being muted for the occasional double-meaning verse, the meaning goes beyond that.

Pravin's camera has captured bright scenes.

Ghana sings weed in Deva's voice to the music of Bobo Sasi