Kathir Movie Review


Santhosh Prathap
Rajini Chandy
Bhavya Trikha


Production - Dhuvaraga Studios
Director - Dhinesh Palanivel
Music Director - Prashant Pillai
Cinematographer - Jayanth Sethu Mathavan
Editor - Deepak Dwaraknath
Lyrics - Karthik Netha & Uma Devi
Stunt Director - Stunner Sam
Sound Design & Mixing  - Sync Cinema
PRO - Sathish (AIM)

Kadir (Venkatesh), who has studied engineering, is coming to Chennai in search of work. She stays in her friend's rented room and looks for work. But getting a job was not so easy. Grandmother, a friend's house owner, scolded her for not liking Kadir's suits. At one point Kadir takes him to the hospital after his grandmother faints at home. Grandma has been in love with Kadir ever since. Radius also gets work.

Kadir, who sees his ex-girlfriend there when he goes to join the office, returns without going to work. He ends by telling his grandmother of his love failure. Grandma comforts him. In this situation, Kadir intends to go back to his hometown and takes his grandmother to his house. Kadir is shocked to see his friend commit suicide as an unexpected flight in the city. He decides to go back to Chennai. Grandma advises him.

Kadir changes his mind and starts a business with his friends in the city. The climax is whether he succeeds in that.

It is a love story, a college friends story, a fighter story, not just an area story, but a life story of a young man with all the features.

Venkatesh, who is looking for a job in Chennai, falls in love with a woman and breaks up with her. But otherwise the conflicts between Venkate Shuk and Patti move the scenes like a miniature confrontation between Nadiya and Padmini Patti in the style of Poove Poochudava.

At one point the two forget the confrontation and begin to fall in love and the director's diversion of the story into college romance makes the princes nervous.

Pavya Trika, a newcomer to the college, goes to Valiya and talks about Venkatesh's place in his mind. But when Bhavya sees her boyfriend cheating on her in person and finds Kadir to seduce her, she abandons her love for Venkatesh. Venkatesh's love falling like a slip of paper is the perfect whip for this time bubble love.

Without going back to falling in love, Venkatesh goes to the city and draws attention to a different domain by connecting the next turn in the story.

Santosh Pratap, who holds the red flag and speaks of communism, plays an unexpected role and takes place in the mind as a fighter.

Venkatesh's decision to stay in his hometown and start his own business following his grandmother's advice and his efforts to sell farm produce online with his peers will give him confidence.

Other cast members who have starred in the film are particularly drawn to the fact that the acting of Grandma Rajini Sandy, who is a retired head teacher in the lead role, is woven into reality.

Dinesh Palanivel is producing and directing the film. He has set up a single screenplay for all three stories with the idea that his own film should somehow touch success. Good job the story has been completed without the messy flower moving and telling OK.

Prasanth Pillai has provided the music as well as Jayant Sethumadhavan the camera.