En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom Review And Rating

Cast : 

Anandhi as Sandhya
Tamizh as Krishnan
Yogi Babu as 'Remo' Ravi
K. S. Ravikumar as a politician
Jayaprakash as Sandhya's father
Rekha as Sandhya's mother
Singampuli as Soosai
Livingston as the chappal shop owner
Bala Saravanan as Mahesh

Crew : 

Directed by : K. P. Jagan
Produced by : S. Sakthivel
Music by : Ishaan Dev(Songs), Deepan Chakravarthy(Score)
Cinematography : Sukaselvan
Edited by : Manigandan Sivakumar
Production Company  : Drumsticks Productions

Review :

En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom written and directed by K. P. Jagan. Anandhi, Tamizh(Pakkada Pandi) and Yogi Babu play the film's lead roles

Yogi Babu is in love with college student Anandhi. He takes Thamizh as his company who also falls in love with the heroine at first sight and starts following her. During one such instance, one of her slippers falls out of the bus. Unable to retrieve it, she leaves the other one in the bus. Thamizh who is also in the bus notices this. Meanwhile, Jayaprakash, father of Anandhi who is in a foreign country, is abducted by terrorists and is held captive.
Anandhi is affected by this incident and goes to meet Thamizh’s mother who is a fortune teller. She asks the heroine to tell the incidents that happened on the day when his father was taken by the terrorists.

Anandhi tells about her lost slipper and Thamizh’s mother says that her father will return only when the footwear is found. Thamizh who also listens to this entire conversation, decides to find his lover’s slipper. What happens after this forms the rest of the story.

Thamizh has done a decent job for his hero debut, however he needs to improve on the romance and love portion aspects. His antics with Yogi Babu have worked out well. Anandhi comes as a modern girl and steals the heart of the youngsters. She has carried her role well. Yogi Babu has a very prominent role in the movie and all his scenes are enjoyable. Director K P Jagan has tried to convey romance, love and humour based on the incidents in finding the slipper. While this has worked out in some portions it also acts as the minus of the movie. Music by Ishaan Dev is above average and is plesant. On the whole, the presentation is good, however, there is a feel of something missing in the movie.

Rating - 2.5/5