Gaganachari Malayalam Movie Review

Pan India Release by Gemini Film Circuit


Aju Varghese
Anarkali Marikar
Gokul Suresh
Ganesh Kumar

Directed by Arun Chandu
Produced by Ajith Vinayaka Films
Executive Producer : Krishand
Written by Arun Chandu - Siva Sai
Cinematography by Surjith S Pai
Music by Sankar Sharma
Edited by Ceejay Achu
VFX : Meraki
Co-Edited by Aravind Manmadhan
Sound Design : Sankaran AS, KC Sidharthan
Sound Mix: Vishnu Sujathan
Subtitles : Vivek Ranjith (BreakBorders)
Production Controller : Sajeev Chandiroor
Lyrics : Manu Manjith, Rahul Menon (English rap)
Art Director : M Bawa
Costumes : Bucy Baby John
Makeup : Ronex Xaviour

The story takes place in 2050. In addition to submerging land areas in floods, alien invasion, government oppression, forced to use electric vehicles instead of petrol vehicles, people living in fear, etc., a government device should be installed in every house, and the police will also monitor it. In such a period, Ganesh Kumar, an ex-military man who hunted aliens, lives in a secure building equipped with various security devices using artificial intelligence technology to protect himself from future threats. He is assisted by Gokul Suresh and Aju Varghese.  

A channel approaches Army soldier Ganesh Kumar to make a documentary on him. Then Ganesh Kumar and his assistants narrate about his life and the alien incidents he faced. Their conversations for the documentary and related scenes unfold on screen with a documentary angle.

A female alien joins these three male characters living in a harsh environment. 25-year-old Gokul Suresh falls in love with the 250-year-old alien, worried that no woman has ever looked back at him. Although that love travels as a comedy, on the other hand, the director talks about various things like the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, the frequent rains and floods in the country due to climate change, the shortage of petrol, the relationship between the alien world and the human race. What is the reality? 'Kaganachari' is the answer to such questions in the style of a documentary film. 

The story stars Gokul Suresh, Aju Varghese, Ganesh Kumar and Anarkali Marikar who plays the alien. In this, Anarkali Marikar has acted by expressing various emotions visually without speaking. The other three are on stage talking as if doing standup comedy. Although many of the things they talk about are important for the future, they tell it in a completely comic style that makes you laugh.

Although this film is an international story beyond language as there are many science-related topics like aliens, climate change, artificial intelligence, the fact that they are told entirely in spoken language instead of in visual language is a puzzle that fans who do not know Malayalam cannot understand. Even if the English subtitle is put, before finishing reading the subtitle of one verse, the subtitle of another verse comes, so the verse spoken before it is not understood, and the verse that follows it is not understood. So it's like watching such films only after taking separate training to study subtitles. 

Cinematographer Surjit S. Bai has created a new ground for the story very nicely. The person who has shot the scenes in a documentary-like way, the building where the story takes place and its background, and the colors given to the scenes are all attention-grabbing.

Shankar Sharma's music has a different background score. Occasional pejiums get special attention. 

The work of the film editor CJ Achu and the art director M. Bhava have given a huge hand to the film. Even mundane objects are shown as objects of scientific importance. 

The VFX done in the film are stunning. Big kudos to Meraki for pulling off some of the grandest VFX seen in Hollywood films on a modest budget.

Writers Arun Sandhu and Shiv Sai have tried to make the audience laugh by writing the epic science fiction story in a humorous style. Their efforts have been a huge success. Even though he is an alien, the entire theater shakes with laughter at scenes where he makes his voice sound like an old lady's voice. At the same time, raising the voice of women through that voice shows the strength of the writers. 

Director Arun Sandhu's effort is different and the imagination of what kind of threats the earth and the people living in it are going to face in the future due to the development of science and technology, climate change, gives a little fear to the moviegoers, but the biggest weakness of the film is that the dialogues about it are not understandable to all people.