Vaathi/ Sir Team honours and celebrates real-life Sir/ Vaathi K. Rangaiah


Vaathi/ Sir team tells the story of a young lecturer, played by Dhanush. He goes to a Government School in a rural area and gives a facelift to the education system. He brings students to schools and raises awareness among them to fight the caste system, and celebrate equality through education. He triumphs past many hurdles, thanks to his willpower and the determination of the students. Recently, the team honoured a similar and equally inspiring government school teacher, K. Rangaiah, who won President Award, for his services. 

Director Venky Atluri met K Rangaiah and conversed about the film and his life. Being the youngest teacher to receive the President Award for his efforts, he has been instrumental in bringing back students to schools in his village, Savarkhed. When the school headmaster at his village changed after he joined work, he decided to take up the responsibility of bringing back students to schools and ran campaigns against persisting problems in the region. 

He stated that after looking at the film, he identified himself with it. He was reportedly reminded of the many struggles he had to face over 13 years, to achieve what he did today. He thanked Venky Atluri for making such a fantastic film and said that many scenes from Sir/Vaathi are like his biography. Sir/ Vaathi team salutes many such teachers who dedicate their lives to the upliftment of students and treat them like their God. 

The hymn "Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheswaraha, Guru Sakashath Parabrahma Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha!” couldn’t have been more apt. In a bid to recognise Rangaiah’s efforts and to establish a library, the leading production house Sithara Entertainments has donated to him a sum of Rs 3 lakhs. This funding will go towards the construction of libraries in schools, providing students with access to books and educational resources, crucial for their academic, personal, and professional success.