Parunthaaguthu Oor Kuruvi Movie Review


Nishant Russo as Aadhi
Vivek prasanna as Maran
Gayathri Iyer as Yamini
Ratsasan Vinodh as Inspector Dharmaraj
Kodangi Vadivel as Bose
Gowtham - Villain
Rajesh - Villain
Anand - Villain
Athik - Villain


Production Company – Lights On Media
Producers – Eav Suresh/Sundhara Krishna.P/Venki Chandrsekhar
Director – Dhanabalan Govindaraj
Dop – Ashwin Noel
Editor – Nelson Anthony
Music - Renjith Unni
Action Choreography – Om Prakash
Art Director - Vivek Selvaraj
PRO - Sathish (AIM)

Story Line : Aadhi notices that Maran`s life is in danger. He puts his life in trouble to save Maran`s life. Will Aadhi come out of the trouble that he has put himself into.

This film not contains with big star cast only  made with those who have been a sub -role in many films, without big star bands. Since actor Vijay Sethupathi has released the poster, many people have expectations on the film. Did those expectations fulfill the film? Let's see.

One night, the gang chasing a man kill in the dark forest. Man Hero trying to save him .. What happened in the final? This is the story of the movie Paranthakuthu Urukuruvi.

Aadhi (Nishant Russo) he is a small robbery and a little bit of acquist. One day while he was in the police station, the police were informed that someone had been cut in pepper forest. Guidance at the place, the police officer Bose pulls Aadhi. Upon arrival, Aadhi's hand is locked with the hand of the corpse and asked to take care of the corpse until the phone is spoken by police officer Bose.
When Aadhi tries to free himself from the hand lock, he knows that the corpse is still alive. Then, someone calls a woman to the person's phone and begs Aadhi to save him. Through that woman, the name of the person who is fighting for life is known as Maran. Within a short time, the murderous gang is back in search of their place.

Did Aadhi save Maran from them? Who is the woman who pleads to save Maran? Why is the mob trying to kill Maran? The screenplay travels with many such questions.

The director who threatened the fans in the opening scene of the film, a corpse and a snake on their side, show the same intimidation throughout the film.

The biggest plus of the film Palakkuttu Urkuruvi is the backdrop of its background music and the cinematography. Congratulations to the cinematographer Ashwin Noel, who has elevated fight scenes and stream scenes in the dense forest that is green. If one eye cinematography of the film is another eye, background music by Renjith Unni. The song that comes during the climax scene and the background music that comes during the chase scene is alive the film.

Overall all the star cast who proved their talent with their acting and screen presents.