N4 Movie Review


Micheal Thangadurai as *Surya*
Gabriella Sellus as *Soundharya*
Vinusha Devi as *Abinaya*
Anupama Kumar as *Fathima*
Afsal Hameed as *Karthi*
Akshay Kamal as *Vijay*
Pragya Nagra as *Swathi*
Vadivukkarasi as *Kannamaa*
Abhishek Shankar as *Rajarathinam*
Azhagu as *Velu*


Director - Lokesh Kumar
Cinematographer - Divyank
Editor - Dani Charles
Music director - Balasubramanian G
Sound design - Gokul Dev
Sound mixing - Naveen Shankar 
Producers - Naveen Sharma,
Lokesh Kumar
Production Company - Dharmraj Films

From an early age, Michael Thangadurai, Gabrilla, Vinusha Devi and Afzal hameed have been raising by vadivukarasi. They are doing fish business in Kasimedu Chennai. Akshay Kamal, a college student, is often accompanied by his friends to the Kasimedu fishing harbor, drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking. Anupama Kumar serves as the Inspector of the N4 police station in the area.

Although they are all belonging to the same area, an incident makes them all in the same circle to keep them in contact with each other. What is that incident? So who did the troubles whom and all affects? Is the rest of the story

All the characters in the film are designed to travel with the story, and the actor and actresses in it are the correct choice for the story.

Although all the actors have played the roles of the story, Michael, Gabrilla, Vinusha Devi and Afzal hameed are more important. All four of them have played justice for their role.

Akshay Kamal and Pragya Nagra, Anupama Kumar, who plays the Inspector of Police, Vaikkarasi, Azhagu and Abhishek, are doing their job properly.

From the beginning to the end of the story, some of the characters and the young people who have played it are focused.

Cinematographer Divyank, who has filmed the story at the entire Kasimedu fishing harbor, has also traveled his camera as a character.

Composer Balasubramanian G, who focuses on the song by Title, has traveled with a limited background music.

Director Lokesh Kumar has tried to give a brilliant suspense action thriller image, focusing on the biology of the Kasimedu fishing port and some of the people living around it.

The way Kasimedu fishing port has been displayed and selection of the actors for the storie and roles are makes film beautiful and interesting.