Memories Movie Review


Vettri - venki

Ramesh thilak- saravanan

Hareesh peradi - interviewer

Rnr manohar- perumal

Sajil - abhinav

Dayana- doctor

Parvathy- janaki


Production House - Shijuthameen's Film Factory

Producer - Shijuthameens

Story & Direction - Syam-Praveen

Dop - Armo & Kiran Nupital

Editor - San Lokesh

Music - Gavaskar Avinash

Dialouge - Ajayan Bala

Script - Syam-Praveen & Vipin Krishnan

Costume Design - Sambath

Make-up - S A Shanmukham

Sound Design - Sachin Sudhakaran & Hariharan M (Sync Cinema)

Sound Mixing - Aravind Menon

Stunt - Ashraf Gurukkal

DI - Rangrays Media Works Cochin

Colorist - Liju Prabhakar

Vfx - Magmyth

Lyrics - Anbuchezhian

Production Controller - S Nagaraj

Stills - Sreeraj Krishnan

Publicity Design - Adhin Ollur

PRO: Sathish AIM

8 Thotakal, Jeevi and Vanan film's hopeful star Vetri is the hero of this film Memories which has been made in Psychology-Triller style. Shyam and Praveen, Malayalam directors, have directed the film. The film is made in the music of Gavaskar Avinash. Actor Ramesh Tilak plays the lead role.

On a television show called Memories, a person hero vetri comes to share the experience caused by the memories of his life. The story moves as the life of venky in Flash Pack.

In a dilapidated house, hero vetri raise with a head injury and blood dry shirt. He does not think who he is. Through the holder of him, he knows that he is a murderer in the double murder case. the person who holds himself says, "Who am I and why are you stuffed?" Instead, twist says, "You have to find out who you arein 17 hours. But you will not be alive after finding it like that, that mysterious person. RNR Manohar, who wanders the hero, who is looking for who he is in the dense forest, and also he chasing the police from gun point. But got stunn with a gun point of RNR Manoha that time he asks "I told you to kill my wife only ... What did you do my daughter? To hero.

What's going on around the hero? Is he the one who really committed those killings? What is the connection to the people and the hero who chases him? Screenplay moves towards such strata questions.

Double Role is not only for Hero, but also for the characters that come around in the film. Congratulations to the director's attempt to give a good image with the only conspiracy called Memory Erasing and Memory Insorting.

It is natural to put the story in the story in many of the time travel Psychology Thriller current days. The hero who first shown to be a normal young man, then lost his memories and murdered? Good? Unbeknownst to him, he expresses good performance as a human being. The twist placed after that is unexpected.

The hero of the film is successful, the character given to him. Ramesh Tilak is in the role of a friend-guard officer. Parvati, who is the heroine, has no job to pretend.