Kabzaa Movie Review

Cast : Upendra, Shiva Rajkumar, Sudeep, Shriya Saran, Murali Sharma, Sudha, Dev Kill,

Crew : 

Tamil Nadu Theatrical Release by Lyca Productions Subaskaran

Directed By : R.Chandru

Music By : Ravi Basrur

Produced By : Anand Pandit, R. Chandru, Alankar Pandian

Upendra, the son of the independent soldier and the Indian Air Force pilot, is on the ground to take revenge on his brother's brutal murder. But time, India makes him a world -wide shadow world don. Why did he turn that? What happened in its backdrop? What did the Indian government do to suppress him? The story of the film Kabzaa  s the answer to such questions and Moves with mass action.

The role of the hero Upendra is the action hero. In this age, his body of the prefection is helps lot in this film, he has played justice for all the action scenes featured in the film. But in some places, he reacts with the body language of rajini.

Shreya, who plays the heroine, has come down after a long gap. She is the one who focuses on a dance with a song was covered audience and she acted without disappointment.

The villain characters are coming in the film was many. They are all suitable for the buildups given in the story are intimidating.

Kicha Sudeep and Sivarajkumar, who plays a special appearance, get applause.

Cinematographer AJ Shetty has given the biggest work to build the scenes. He has shot the scenes elegantly, not knowing what set and what graphics are.

The music composer Ravi Basrur has used his regular style equal to KGF film. The song Nataraja makes repeated in our hearts.

The editor S. Reddy has given his perfect focus for this film.