Michael Movie Review

Gurunath (Gautam Vasudev Menon) is a terrible gangster in Mumbai (then Bombay). He is rescued from a murder attack on a small child Michael (Sundeep Kishan). Gurunath asks his assistant Swamy (Iyyappa Sharma) to raise Michael. After a few years, Gurunath is rescued by Michael again, which allocates his bar business to the previous person. Gurunath knows the existence of Ratan (Anish Guruvilla) behind the attack. Michael leads to killing Gurunath Ratan and his daughter Thera (Divyansha Kausik). Did Michael finish the mission? What happened then? This is part of the story

The protagonist Sundeep Kishan has given him what he has done. Sundeep's health change is flawless and is clearly visible throughout his effort. The actor performed well in serious fight scenes. Sundeep Kishan killed it not only in the action area but also in romantic scenes. Sandeep has no more verses in the movie, but still he left his stamp

Vijay Sethupathi and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar star in small cameos. Although they were not more likely to act, both talented actors felt their presence. The second half is completely unforgettable if they are not. Action footage is well designed and they are fine on the screen.

When the producers tried to shiny the image, the story and screenplay became completely toss. The entire attention was in turning into the image and stylish,

Kiran Kaushik's cinematography has been very good in recent times, which cannot be believed to be his first film. He tried to add value to this action drama and he succeeded in his work. Sam CS did a wonderful job. The Background Score of the Backpacking The feeling of some moments upgraded