Kalaga Thalaivan Movie Review

Produced by Red Giant Movies

Director - Magizh Thirumeni

Starring: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Niddhi Agerwal, Aarav, Kalaiyarasan, Angana Roy and others.

The corporate in Paritabad manufactures high mileage trucks. But as it is known that it emits smoke beyond the prescribed pollution control code, it is not allowed. The company president hides this. At some point the secret is exposed.

Due to this the permission to introduce the truck is denied. The company boss appoints a person (Aarav) to find out who stole and sold the corporate secret.

Mr. (Udhayanidhi) plans to expose these frauds of corporate companies and is serious in his efforts to find and destroy them so that the person appointed by Corporate Parade can reveal the details of the secrets.

Gradually approaches Mr. and tries to kill him. Branch Max gives the answer to whether Mr. escaped from Ithili with action.

Udhayanidhi Stalin has played the role of Thiru in the undercurrent action story.

By selling a government-owned public sector company to a corporate parade somewhere, director Mizh Thirumeni has exposed the plight of tens of thousands of workers who have lost their jobs and come to the streets. Udhayanidhi has shown it in his quiet and nuanced performance.

It was an unexpected shock when Aarav collided with Brucey in the climax and knocked him down with three karate punches according to Brucey's formula.

Udhayanidhi, who exudes gentle romance with the heroine Niti Aggarwal, maintains the dignity of Ghatabad thirat.

Nithi Aggarwal comes as a beauty angel. Niti Aggarwal is attracted by Udayanidhi's witty speech and later falls in love with him In the end, Nidhi Agarwal's character becomes heavy when he dares to sacrifice love for the service of the villagers.

Aarav has oozed villainy in the character who comes to find the corporate secret stealers. Finding and torturing a string of corporate secret stealers is terrifying.

Especially when Aarav's men hunt down Udayanidhi's men to find out the corporate secret meeting that is changing hands at the railway station and Udayanidhi cleverly escapes his men from that trap.

Produced by Udayanidhi Stalin under Red Giant Films. Mizhesh Thirumeni exposes the evils of corporate companies and their bribery of the government and political parties.

Srikanth Deva, Arrol Roli's music and re-recording add to the film's vivacity.

K. Dilraj has shot the scenes in Hollywood style.

Kalaga Thalaivan – Bravely exposes corporate conspiracies.