Filter Gold Movie Review


Cast :-

Vijayabaskar  As  Viji

Dora Sree  As  Dora

Sugumar Shanmugam  As  Shanthi

Vettri  As  Sugu

Siva Elango  As  Aasari

Nataraj  As  Sugu's Father

Sai Sathish  As  Ramesh

Vallavan  As  Shanthi's Sister

Sheethal Nayak  As  Caroline Mam

Crew :-

Written And Directed Vijayabaskar

Produced By R.m Nanu

Music Humar Ezhilan

Cinematography M. Bharanikumar

Editing King David

Audiography Balaji.d.srinivasan

Lyrics Muthukumar

Choreography Sivasankar

Sound Effects C. Sethu

Pro Sathish (AIM)

The film deals with the story of three transgenders and is the first-of-its-kind commercial action movie that has transgenders playing lead roles.

we have seen transgenders depicted poorly in several films. few efforts was made to express their feelings in a right way. 

Director Vijayabaskar who has come out with Filter Gold which orginal and almost real. He tried to say their stories and feelings in a genuine way.

Also Director plays the lead as transgender Viji. She is shown almost like an angry do-gooder we saw in Nayagan or Thalapathy. 

as story Viji is more a Godfather to a community of transgenders in Pudhucherry. Her guts is her weapon. Any problem, emergency or assistance, all hapless transgender run to her to save.

Viji lives with Dora (Dora Sree), a transgender in a small rented house. Shanthi ( Sugumar Shanmugam) from their community is their best pal. 

One fine day, Shanthi is murdered. Meanwhile there is a sub-plot in the story. A carpenter Aasari ( Siva Elango) hires Viji to bump off those lusty men who wreak havoc on women’s lives. Call it a twist, Aasari’s son falls for Dora and love blossoms between them. Viji has double duty on her hand. One to avenge the killer of Shanti and another to protect Dora as Aasari comes to know about his son’s romance.

Vijayabaskar as Viji does well. The emotions, anger, agony, joy and sorrow have been brought out well. Dora Sree pitches in well. Sugumar Shanmugam’s act is appreciable. Siva Elango is pick of them as he does his job with ease and elan.

Director has tried to showcase their ‘different’ world. Produced by RM Nanu, it has music by Human Ezhilan, camera by Bharanikumar and editing by King David.

Filter Gold - Team Work - Overlooked for sincere efforts to do a different film.