AJ Fiilm’s new production “147” – A Classic Romantic Drama

Love stories always have the power of capturing the interest of audiences of all age groups and it has been a time and again proven theory. Now, filmmaker Sibi Ussan arrives with an elegant love story titled “147”, which is produced by Ajay Panicker of AJ Fiilm.

Sibi Ussan, Director of this film says, “Be it silent era, black & white and now the most technological advanced film presentations, “ROMANCE” has been the most celebrated theme, where it never gets labeled as “Timeworn” or “Stereotypical” ones. Such happens to be the essence of love, where it leaves everyone connected instantly letting them reflect emotionally. Especially, the stories involving ‘First Love’ indulges the viewers in unconditional cherishing of their own memories, despite most of them being bittersweet. Such happens to be the emotional encounters of long lost lovers – Nandini and Mahin, who meet 15 years after parting ways in a trip, which also has another couple accompanying them. As the travel continues, this couple indirectly influences Nandini and Mahin as they travel down the memory lane relishing about the times they spent together. Unaware about their buried past, the couple relate themselves to the concept of true love, care and sacrifice as Mahin starts sharing his own love story. However, the biggest question is whether the couple has heard the entire story or is there something more than what Mahin has told them. More than all, was this trip a co-incidence? We have tried narrating this classic romantic drama with lots love, emotions, twists and turns, which will answer the question of not just these co-passengers, but even audiences on what actually separated this soulmates.”

Having heard such an engaging story of romance, we tend to ask him on what’s the actual significance of this title “147” for which Sibi Ussan smilingly says, “That’s something we want to keep it as a surprise element for we want to keep everyone guessing on how these 3 numbers captures the essence of this love story.”