Director Mahendran's Son John Mahendran's Message to Media

Hi friends from Media,

Extremely sorry for the delayed response. Took time to face the bitter truth that my father is no more.
It was like a nightmare, everything happened in a jiffy. April second early morning six fifteen my dad passed away. One person I called was, my father’s closest friend Nikkil.
I just explained Nikkil that the funeral has got to happen around four that day due to medical reasons.

And next minute I saw flood of media landing up in appa’s place. Respecting the mindset of the family, everything happened in silence.

My heartfelt thanks to each and every media friends who made it possible for many to see the last moments of their favorite Film maker through very forms of media.
Though we were not in a position to show any hospitality on that day, they were kind enough to come all the way to cemetery till my Dad was buried.

It showed the amount of respect they had for a man who started his career as a journalist and rose to great heights in movies.

Once again my heartfelt thanks to Nikkil.

God Bless.
John mahendran