Brahmastra Release Post-poned To Summer 2020

Brahmāstra is a dream that began for me in 2011, and I’ve been actively pursuing it since Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani released in 2013. That dream is about creating a movie that offers our country something that’s really… new and amazing and next level… in terms of story, characters and emotion, always... but also in terms of visual and visual effects.

It’s been a long, long road trying to achieve this vision. When we broke the Logo for Brahmāstra at the Kumbh, we were excited that the end of that road was in sight… Christmas 2019… the date we announced for the release of the movie.

BUT… in the past week, I have learnt that all the teams working on the movie, led by my VFX teams, need more time in order to get the VFX right, to get the sound and music right, and eventually to get the film right.

With that in mind, we are moving away from Christmas 2019 as our goal for the release of the movie. Working towards that goal could affect the most important goal – which is to create the best possible movie experience that Brahmāstra can be !

Our release date is now slated for Summer 2020 but we will announce this officially once we are absolutely certain of the date.

I believe that the extra time going into making the movie is essential to achieve the dream of Brahmāstra, and I really hope that we make up for the delay by giving our movie-loving country something they can really love and feel proud of…
Back to film work then ! So much to do…

- Ayan Mukerji
(Writer / Director of Brahmāstra)