Oththa Serupu First Look

As usually my unusual words and phrases on my films give me unprecedented expectations. To compliment this, I have taken earnest efforts to present my next film on a different concept titled “Oththa Seruppu Size 7 “. I am confident that Oththa Serupu will gain and corner multiple claps. What, when, how, who, where and why will be elaborately shared with you in the near future. This is a short time project, unlike the opportunistic political alliances, my alliance with able minded technicians will enhance the quality of this project. Music director Santosh Narayanan, whom I value most will be the music composer for this film. If my 39 second teaser had invoked such a huge response from the audience, the credit goes to Santhosh Narayanan’s music only. Ramji joins me as the Cinematographer in this film. His contribution to the Tamil Film Industry is immense and I attach lot of pride associating with him. Editor Sudharshan who was phenomenal in my film “ Kadhai Thiraikadhai, Vasanam, Iyakkam” is the editor for this film too. Amaran as an Art Director is all set to impress everyone with his work. I shall be meeting you and greeting yourself with plenty of juicy content on my new film, “Oththa Serupu Size 7”,  until then I wish you all the best.