Actress Mathumitha & Actor Shiva Balaji Launches 'Kebabology'

A wonderful mix of science, fun and a lot of delicious shawarmas served in almost all different ways possible. We proudly welcome you to kebabology. Yes! You have heard the name right. It's not just any ordinary biology or zoology. Its twisting the - logy by taking the -bio into the -zoo and deep frying science in different ways possible to get to this subject -kebabology! This is the ultimate destination and a heaven to all the shawarma lovers out there. The best part about us apart from juicy shawarmas is the ambience and theme in the restaurant. We welcome you back to the classroom, laboratory and a faculty discussion room.

Kebabology, a fusion bistro. As the caption says, it is indeed a fusion of some of the most authentic food cuisines. Mostly concentrated from the flavours of Lebanon, Japan and India, kebabology experiments it all.

The mouthwatering cotton candy soda brings back of all the lovely childwood and schoo memories. It is available in a varietyof flavours which is indeed a treat.

Shawarma generally triggers all the non-veg fans and indeed disappoints all the vegetarian friends out there. But hey, kebabology loves everybody. With the unique combination of falafel ( a vegetarian delight) fused into shawarma, this vegetarian shawarma variety is much juicier than the regular ones.

New No.22, K.B.Dasan Road, Alwarpet, Chennai. Near S.I.E.T Women's College