Thondan Movie Review And Rating

A virteous ambulance driver Samuthirakani, his father Vela Ramamoorthy and sister Arthanaa is a happy family living together. Samuthirakani's mother dies of not getting immediate medical attention, so Samuthirakani leaves his job as a military man and happens to do service in his village for the victims with Kanjaa Karuppu. Samuthirakani is proud that he has saved the life of every victim who he has taken to the hospital in his ambulance and he calls the ambulance his mother and describes doing good as intoxicating. He rubs Namo Narayanan, the son of a minister, the wrong way by saving the man who was attacked by Namo Narayana.

This on one side, Sunaina happens to love Samuthirakani who also falls in love with her and gets happily married with the help of Nazath (Sunaina's brother).  After a while, Arthana, Samuthirakani's sister loves Vikrath which Sunaina happens to oppose. Samuthirakani happens to advice Vikranth and lead him also to first aid services and Vikranth being satisfied continues in it. In this stage Namo narayana's brother Sounderrajan eve teases a friend of Arthana who is entangled by the friends of her and is in serious stage when Samuthirakani happens to help him, but in vain, Sounderrajan dies.  Namo narayana thinks that Samuthirakani is the cause of his brother's death and decides to kill Samuthirakani and keeps a bomb in his house where the pregnant Sunaina loses her baby.
Will Samuthirakani take revenge on Namo narayana or did he make him realize the mistake, what happens to the love of Vikranth and Arthana, will it succeed is the second part of the movie.

 Samuthirakani has tactfully fullfiled his role as a son, husband, and a brother and this is again a feather on his cap in his career. Sunaina has also played her role well even though she had less dialogues in this film unlike other films. Vikrath has done his part well shedding his emotions in a well-needed places with his actions. Kanja Karuppu, Thambi ramaiyaa, Soori and make sudden and unexpected entries in the climax and since the audiences are so drained by the story so far find immense relief and they cannot help but laugh at their very ordinary jokes. Egambaram Richard nathan's cinematography has been one of the pillar with Justin prabhakaran's playback singing.

Kudos to Samuthirakani for paying tribute to Jallikattu protestors at the very beginning of the film and also for repeatedly reminding the youngsters that they should never let the fire die down in many scenes. Similarly, his dialogues put a lot of emphasis on how women should be respected by men and how the latter should differentiate between love and lust. He has also not forgotten to write scenes to punctuate the relevance on humanity over everything else. On the Whole, thondan becomes a typical Samuthirakani's film by his actions.

Rating - 3/5