Brindavanam Movie Review And Rating

MS Bhaskar who lost his son saves the throdden children and sends them to Orphanage home and one such child is our hero Arulnidhi, a deaf and dumb by birth. He is a barber in Ooty who does this job along with his friend Senthil. Thaanya appears as a childhood friend of Arulnidhi who is a daughter of Thalaivaasal vijay who owns a supermarket. Arulninidhi who appears to be brought up in the Ashram meets Taanya often and they become good friends. He is an ardent fan of actor Vivek and his only meaning of entertainment is watching Vivek’s comedy sequences in television.  One day he happens to meet Actor vivek. Viveks's close friend Subbu who stays in Ooty happens to be ill and Vivek decides to visit his friend and stay with him in Ooty for some days.

Once when his car had some problem, Arulnidhi happens to solve it and they became good friends.
Taanya has long developed a feeling for Kannan and after being persuaded by Vivek, she expresses her love for Arulnidhi, but he rejects her proposal angrily. He also shuns Vivek’s advise in this regard.
T here starts a twist in the story when the truth that Arulnidhi can speak is revealed. Arulnidhi happens to speak in his childhood, why did he hide the fact and what is the reason behind it is the second part of the story. All his friends becomes angry on him learning that he can speak. Will Taanya and Arulnidhi unite and what happens in their life after this is the next part of the story.

Despite some predictable moments, Brindavanam leaves you grinning for the most part and it also stirs up an emotional storm within with the active comedy of Vivek.  The film belongs to Vivek, It has been a long time we have seen this veteran comedian in full form giving a taste of all kinds of comic dialogues he has treated the Tamil audience over the past few decades. This includes, trolls on other characters, social satire, message oriented dialogues and also self trolls. In the emotional scenes Vivek proves yet again that he is not only a comedian but a reliable actor too.

Arulnithi as a speaking and hearing impaired person has given one of his career best performances But it has to be said that the emotional tear-shedding scenes remains a area of development for this young talent. The actor needs to be appreciated for his constant endeavor to be part of story oriented films under different genres. Taanya looks attractive as an Ooty native girl and impresses with her confident performances. M.S.Bhaskar does justice to the character as usual while all the other supporting actors do their part without any flaw. Senthil and Cell Murugan as a film Production Manager render good support to lift the comic portions of the film.

When most filmmakers are chasing stars to make high-budget, mostly nonsensical commercial entertainers in the name of playing to the gallery, Radha Mohan churns out a film you can fall in love with and at the same also be entertained. Vishaal chandrasekhar has played his role well with his songs. M.S. Vivek Anand has done his part well as a cinematographer to enhance the beauty of the brindhavanam On the whole, this movie as its name is a Brindhavanam but with withered flowers here and there and has drawn its lines around emotional scenes.

Rating - 3.25/5