Sarath Kumar in Rendaavathu Aattam

Sarath Kumar is  an actor who attach lot of pride in fitness. Decades have passed since he had  made his debut as an actor , but the ever fit actor still makes himself as an candidate to compete with actors of his next decade and so.  His passion and dedication towards films that challenge him are his forte says many trade pundits.

The actor is all set to launch his next project "Rendaavathu  Aatam" by June says Debutant Director Prithivi Adhithya. " I grew watching the films of Al Pacino, he was a great inspiration and intimidating actor too. His influence through his films on me was phenomenal. When I started to pen the script the characterisation of the protagonist i found it having more traces of my idol Al Pacino, and it was of a great effect too. When I narrated the final draft to my producer Mr. I.B. Karthikeyan of BIGPRINT PICTURES  and some of my friends, one name that was suggested uniformally was Sarath sir to play the lead. I was not  surprised really because more or less towards the final stages of scripting Sarath sir's face and body language was all over the script. He plays a cop and I am sure he can transform the role on paper into reality in perfection.Now a days  Audience are gearing up to watch middle aged heros and  Rendaavathu  Aatam will  be a trend setter in films that can be on par with Hollywood.  We will be seeing a totally different Sarath sir which is going to be a treat for his fans. The search is on for other principle characters, and the main crew"  says  Director Prithivi Adithya.