Darling 2 Planning To Release On October 21st

Franchisees are the order of the day in the Film industry. A proven film is bound to have it's sequel. Of the many films that was released last year 'Darling'  was one of major hits. The significance of this success, was it was pitted against a film that was branded as the costliest film ever made at that point of time. K E Gnanavel Raja was the architect behind the success story of this  horror flick . The success story is all set  to be re written  by Studio green again, ever envied for the planning and execution with Darling 2, earlier titled 'Jinn'.

' Sequels need not necessarily be the film with the same cast or script , the genre is good enough to hold the brand value.Darling 2 directed by Debutante Sathish Chandrasekaran has plotted this story around " five friends who go for an outstation trip with a haunted friend".This idea sounded good and exciting to me. The humour that is strewn all around the horror based script assures the success.  The amalgamation of talents like Kalai of  Madras, Kali Venkat, Arjun , Muneesh kanth,'Madras' Jhonny and not to forget the lead pair Rameez Raja and Maya,this film has plenty to offer. The title change was discussed and with out any hesitation it was accepted.I am  sure this film also will be a 'Darling 2' for the masses. We are planning to release the film on October 21st says Gnanavel Raja.