Cinematographer Sugumar Likes Non Makeup Amala Paul

Cinematographer sugumar Grabs the attention of audience from his 'Myna', 'Kumki' till recent Maan Karate and 'Kaaki Satai'.

He holds the name as a brother of cinematographer and director Jeevan, Madurai's Lad and also the student of Cinematographer Balasubramaniyan.

Currently he is working in the movie 'Gethu' , continuously working in various projects and his next one will be with Vikram prabhu.

Had a exclusive interview with Sugumar:

Kumki Movie is a good sign for you right? Can u share your experience on Prabhu Saloman is the one who introduced me as a cinematographer through the movie "Ladam"

"Sugumar" I did 'Myna' and 'Kumki' with him, where we travelled around the forest and mountains. Now Other than forest oriented movies, city and action films have been focused. Anyone looking to speak to me they ask me only about Kumki.  Its happy that the film has been reached to that extent on the other side there is a sad part that other movies of mine are not much talked.

My life can be splitted as B.K and A.K ('??.?? '??.??) i.e  Before Kumki and After Kumki. Thus given the level of satisfaction of turning me who talked a lot about the experience of film Kumki.

Regarding the subsequent films you are doing with the same person?

It's a good thing right?At first i done 3 film continuously with Prabhu Salamon sir.  First I worked in 'Maan Karate' starring shivakarthikeyan later he himself suggested me for 'Kaaki satai'.  Again i am going to do a film with Vikram Prabhu which will start after 'Gethu'.

Is this not a good thing?

'I should do my job in a right way, so that it will lead me through out' its my belief.

Why you have not worked in Prabhu Solomon's 'kayal' and in Dhanush movie?

At the time of 'Kayal' i was working in 'Nimirnthu Nil' and at the time of dhanush movie i was held up in 'Gethu' i don't believe in working at 2 movies in a time.

So that i couldn't work in his movie. He is my well wisher more than a friend. If chance comes he will call me again. We will work together.

Is Shivakarthikeyan commending you?

The next one occurs if a friendship and understanding happend and it easy to work with, happiness. As a good friendship happened between us he called me to work in 'Kaaki sattai'. It would say that the chance is for the  hardwork more than the friendship.

How is 'Gethu'?

You cannot see a usual Udayanithi in this film. He will come in a different form. His appearance, style, dress everything will be different.

What does a cinematographer needed? Entity or Esthetics?

Both of them is needed. But the most needed is been decided by story, situation and flow count. what the story allows and what the director accepts in his language will be displayed by the cinematographer.

Then what is your personal creativity?

We have to play the border. should not extend that line. All the big cinematographers has got fame only by working in this border.

Natural light, designed light, which is to be challenging?

Its easy to make in natural light. Designed lighting is difficult and even challenging. I have cinematographed in forest, for romantic situations, for extreme imaginary scenes. Each one is different models and different experiences.

In which kind of scenes the cinematographers flag flies high?

The path of cinematography should not move from the story. We would be highlighted more in songs and action sequences. Our free-range is little higher in this. I got good fame in songs and action scenes for the films which i did cinematography.

With whom you should have a better understanding?

First of all the director and the cinematographer should have a good understanding then come the art director. Other things fall later.

What is your home work?

A cinematographer should learn daily. Should learn visually what they see, what they meet and also should learn them in a technically feasible way.

In a digital way cinematography has become easy right?

But should be run a talented cinematographer. The commitment and focus  which was there while taking in the form film has gone now in digital way. Indifference has become more now.

Unforgettable complement?

When i did 'Ladam' K.V. Anand sir, Rathnavelusir and my guru Balasubramanyam sir have complemented me which i cant forget. When i did 'Kaaki satai' Dance Master Raju sundaram saw a shot and Asked me where is Jeeva? Jeeva was my godfather i can't forget that comnplement as he compared me with Jeeva.

How friendly you are with the stars?

Many people are friendly in nature. I hesitated first that how Vikram Prabhu who came from a big family will socialize, later he as a brother who has become comfortable and easy to get used to. and he became comfortable with the occasional meal to take me home.

Udhayanathi who socialized so friendly by not showing his political heir.a lot of people say this.

I like Amala Paul who do not ought to make-up. I like her mind, nature and heart which do not put make-up even after reaching such heights after 'Myna'. Even Emyjackson is very friendly and innocent. Her Tamil is very cute.