Vallavan Vaguthadhada Movie Review


Banner: Focus Studios 

Creative Entertainers and Distributors company G.Dhananjeyan

Star cast: 

Tej Charanraj (as) Chiranjeevi 

Rajesh Balachandiran (as) Neethimani

Aananya Mani (as) Agalya

Swathi Meenakshi (as) Subhatra Vikram Adhitya (as) Kuberan

Regin Rose  (as) Chakkaravarthi

Producer : Vinayek Durai

Director: Vinayek Durai 

Music: Sagishna Xavier

Director Of Photography: karthick Nallamuthu

Editor: Ajay

Art: N.M.Mahesh

Stunts: Mahesh Mathew

Production Executive : Sakthivel 

Subtitles: Salesh Dipak fernando 

PRO: Sathish - Siva (AIM)

How is the Hyperlink Connor movie Vallavan Vakuthadada Produced and Directed by debutant director Vinayek Durai.

Five people who live by the fact that money is important and can do any kind of mistakes for it. A person who wants to help others and live honestly despite being poor. Although these six people are not related to each other, their need for money brings them together and thus the changes in their lives are told in the hyperlink genre with an interesting screenplay.

Tej Charanraj, Rajesh Balachandran, Ananya Mani, Swathi Meenakshi, Subhatra Vikram Adhitya and Regin Rose are playing the lead roles in the film. Although all of them have acted in small roles in many films, this is the first time that they are acting as the protagonists of the story. All are apt choices for the character and have done the given job flawlessly.

Cinematographer Karthick Nallamuthu and music director Sagishna Xavier have worked hard to raise the quality of the storyline even though they have traveled according to the budget. Editor Ajay has neatly cut down the length and made the screenplay move at a fast pace.

Written, directed and produced by Vinayak Durai, the screenplay can be told on a grand scale, but has been a huge success in trying to make it on a small budget.

Director Vinayak Durai's interesting screenplay and the way it is told in a hyperlink makes the film enjoyable by keeping the sentence, "God will test the good but will not give up, while the Lord will give a lot to the bad but will not give up"

Director Vinayak Durai has told what he wanted to say very clearly and at the same time without imposing any unnecessary scenes, from the beginning to the end of the film, what will happen next:? He makes the fans watch the film with the expectation.