Captain Miller Movie Review

*Starring: Dhanush, Dr Shiva Rajkumar, Sundeep Kishan, Priyanka Mohan, Nivedhithaa Sathish, Aditi Balan, Vinoth Kishan, Edward and others*

*Directed by: Arun Matheswaran*

*Produced by: Sendhil Thyagarajan and Arjun Thyagarajan (Sathya Jyothi Films)*

Captain Miller is One of the best Tamil Films in Tamil cinema. Arun Matheswaran is a gem of a director and one of the finest craftsman. Writing is top notch always a fan of his narrative in chapter wise segments. A visual masterpiece with brilliant cinematography. Stunts sequence are terrific. Film is loaded with actions. 

Dhanush’s another milestone. Brilliant performance with character changeovers and portrayed his role to the perfection. He is the sole of the Captain Miller. 

Shivanna & Sundeep also done brilliant cameos which creates wow moments throughout the film. Priyanka Mohan, Niveditha, John kokken, kaali Venkat, Elango & all the acting crews have done fantastic works. 

GV’s music is the backbone of the movie. Bgm was a blast in theatre & songs are classics. Koranar song keep repeating in my minds.

Arun showed the true reality of the kings and their casteist beliefs unlike old novels like PS which shows them as Gods. The movie portrays that Kings are greedy and cunning. It also shows that the HERO is always a commoner who sacrifices for his people.