Saba Nayagan Movie Review

Starring: Ashok Selvan,Megha Aakash,Karthika Muralidharan, Chandini Chowdry,Micheal, Arun, Jayaseelan, Sriram, Viviyasanth

Directed by C.S Karthikeyan
Produced by Clear water films, i Cinema, Captain Mega Entertainment

The story of the film Speaker is not new. They have shown love at a different stage of a man. This is a story that is accustomed to cinema fans. But the way the story is on the screen is attracted to the fans. Newcomer Director C.S. Karthikeyan has made the story with comedy and presented well.

The biggest strength is one line of the film. Hero Aravind/Saba (Ashok Selvan) friends make the film interesting with surprising jokes.

The film talks about Aravind's romantic life but also about his friends. Aravind, who is rich in friendship but poor in love.

Saba Nayagan is a comedy film. The director did not forget it and We have also never forgotten it.

Ashok Selvan has become the role of Aravind. The image is bearing on her shoulders. Karthika Muralitharan, who comes in the love of Aravind's school, attracts everyone.

Arun Kumar, Jayaseelan,  Sivaram and Sriram who are the hero's friends, make us laugh.