Kattil Movie Review

Maple Leafs Productions Kattil


Hero - E.V.Ganesh Babu
Heroine - Srushti Dange

Vidharth (Guest appearance)
Kannika snekan
Master Nidhish
Geetha Kailasam
Indra Soundar Rajan
Semmalar Annam
Artist shyam
Metti oli Shanthi
Kadhal Kandhas


Producer & Director : EV Ganesh Babu
Dop : Wide angle Ravishankaran
Music : Srikanth Deva
Singer : Sid Sriram
Script & Editing : B.Lenin
Lyrics : Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu
Art : P.Krishnamurthy, Mano
Choreographer : Metti Oli Shanthi
Production Executive : Rajan, Ela.Vasudevan
Pro : Sathish (AIM)

Ganesh's son Suresh tells us story of their family has been living happily for the past three generations, Ganesh's grandfather went to Burma for business. Also he bought  Burma teak woods by ship and built a huge house. he also creates a cot with teak wook. Ganesh likes that cot very much.

In that cot only their next generation is born, that cot over 250 years. Ganesh's yelder brother and sister trying to sale that house. But Ganesh want that cot to be him self. But he Did not find any other big house. Finally he got a big house.  Ganesh secure the cot to his next generation? Or not? The rest of the film story...

The story was written by Editor Lenin. EV. Ganesan has directed and acted in lead.

Entier cast and crew did their best for this film.