Thalainagaram 2 Movie Review


Sundar C
Palak Lalwani
Thambi Ramaiah
'Bhahubali' Prabhakar
Jaise Jose
Vishal Rajan
Seran Raj

Crew :
Story,Screenplay & Direction: Dhorai V.Z
Banner: Right Eye Theatres
Producers: S.M.Prabakaran, Dhorai V.Z
Co - Producer: Madhuraj
Business Head: Vijay Adiraj
Business Promotion: G.K
D.O.P: E.Krishnasamy
Music: Ghibran
Editing: R.Sudharsan
Art: A.K.Muthu
Stunt: Don Ashok
Dialogue: Maniji
Sound Design: Vijay Rathinam Mpse
Sound Mixing: A.M Rahmathulla
Sound Engineer: K.Jagan
Di: Gemini
Di Colorist: Kubendran Sekar
Subtitles: Rekhs
Vfx: Murthy (D Note)
Co – Director: Kowshick Saravanan
Executive Producer: Palanivell V
P.R.O: Sathish (Aim)
Publicity Design: Design Point


The three rowdy ruled in the three parts of gangs in Chennai. From that one is trying to control the entire city.

A certain situation makes Sundar C to seizes three rowdy gangs at the same time. The three rowdy gangs target Sundar C.

The rest of the story is who is the winner and why Sundar C committed the seices.

Director Dhorai V.Z has presented a full action film. The screenplay is tight and the storyline is interesting.

However, the director may have avoided bloody in many scenes.

Sundar C shines in the right character. He understands the depth of the character and has revealed the best performance.

This is one of his best performances so far. Balak Lalwani receives a fleshy role and has given him what is expected from him.

Other actors including Thambi Ramaiah, Vishal, Rajan and Prabhakar have all played their role.

Gibran's music rates and adds the speed of the film. The cinematography of E Krishnasamy is stunning.