Raavana Kottam Movie Review


Shanthnu Bhagyaraj - Senguttuvan
'Ilaya Thilagam' Prabhu - Bose
Ilavarasu - Chitravel
Anandhi - Indhira
Sanjay Saravanan - Madhimaaran
Deepa Shankar - Kaliyamma
Aruldoss - MLA
Thenappan - Minister Raasakannu
Sujatha Sivakumar - Sundaravalli
Murugan - Maari
Sathya - Kattakottu

Producer - Kannan Ravi (Kannan Ravi Group)
Director- Vikram Sugumaran
Cinematographer - Vetrivel Mahendran
Music Director - Justin Prabhakaran
Editor - Lawrence Kishore
Lyrics -Ekadasi, Karthik Netha
Art Director - Narmadha Veni, Raju
Stills - Pavai G.D. Ramesh
Choreography - Bobby Antony
Stunts - Rock Prabhu
Pro - Suresh Chandra D'one, Sathish (AIM)
Publicity Designs - Yuvaraj Ganesan
Raavana Kottam is the film directed by successful film madha yaanai kootam  director Vikram Sukumaran after 8years.

Shantanu Bhagyaraj, Prabhu, ilavarasu and Kayal Anandi are the main characters.
After the release of the Ravana Kottam film, the same criticism was raised for the film, despite the criticism of director Vikram Sukumaran's first film Madha yaanai kootam  in some cases.

The small villages of the water famine around Ramanathapuram district and the environment, where two other communities living on the upper street and the lower street are used as partners.

The two community leaders, the Prabhu and the ilavarasu, live and lead them. Meanwhile, the efforts of the ruling party are taking place between the two communities to allow a corporate company to exploit the natural resources in the village and for political gain.

Shantanu - Anandi's love for this is to become a dice, and prabhu and ilavarasu are killed by the risk of water famine. What is this going on? The rest of the riots in the village between the two categories.

In the context of the 1957 riots of Mudukalathur, the story of the caste issue, movie reflects with the triangular love story and some commercial aspects.

As a City boy, we are familiar with Shantanu, who is familiar with the dance in the modern dress, and the village youth in the village where there is no water to bath and roaming geath at village its a new role for him.

After a golden character, he has made this character better. Santanu shines in the scenes that is more aggressive than romantic scenes, crying for the Prabhu, and unable to speak to a friend. Actor Prabhu and ilavarasu who are the two community leaders and friends, are making a mature performance and putting us together with the picture.

Kayal Anandi is the same character as a white woman, as Periyarum Perumal came in the film. A little more mature.

Sanjeev Saravanan, who plays Shantanu's friend mathimaran, is a heavy character. He comes to laughter instead of pity in places where his friend Santhanu's girlfriend Anandi falls in love with the intrigue. He may have played a little more. Justin Prabhakar's background music and songs make the story needed.

The actor, who comes as a single -handed villain, has been intimidated by the story.

The first half of Tamil cinema moves with a ferocious romantic scenes, while the second half goes with the story. The scenes of riots among the two factions for political gain, and the politics with Prabhu and the ilavarasu bodies are tense.