Sengalam Web Series Review

Director: SR Prabhakaran's Sengalam is the new web series released today on the zee5 OTT.

Vani Bhojan, Kalaiyarasan, Sharad Lohisthashwa, Viji Chandrasekhar, Shali Nivegas, Manasha Radhakrishnan, Vela Ramamurthy, Baks, Muthukumar, Daniel Annie baby, Pawan, Prem, Gajaraj, and Pooja Vaidyanathan stars in this web series.

The red field of director Prabhakaran is as suitable for the name of the Sengalam. Taran has composed the series. This web series, produced by Abinesh Ilangovan,  Sengalam contains with  9 episodes.

The beginning of the first episode as a forest and a terrifying music, which is not a man, is just a little bit. After two murders, Velayi (Viji Chandrasekhar) is looking for sons in the forest with food bag. hers three sons who live in the jungle for the third murder. With Viji Chandrasekhar a bone and skin dog also roaming in the forest. Kalaiyarasan, Daniel and Pawan are waiting for the murder to solve the deception.

This three of them are searching by the police on the one hand, and they are planning from the forest to commit the next murder. Who are the three...and why they are murdering...
Let us look at the next episode at Zee5. Kalaiyarasan, who is usually comes in sub hero of the hero, has the bark of the winding mustache, beard, folded hunting.

On the one hand, the wedding arrangement is going on for Rajamanikam, the successor of the honorable Satyamoorthy family. After the death of Rajamanikam's wife, Rajamanikam, who has been a long -lasting, marries Suryakala (Vani Bojan), the daughter of a rich businessman.

Many political parties have been circling the village like an eagle, thinking that Satyamoorthy's family's honor and confidence in the people, who have been in the minds of his villagers for nearly 40 years without joining any party. Now let's look at the next episodes of the Sengalam Web series with many interesting twists at Zee5 OTT