Irumban Movie Review

Produced by Tamil Bala & R.Vinothkumar 

Director – Keera

Starring: Junior mgr, Yogibabu, Aishwarya dutta, Sendrayan, Raksitha, Aswini, Manimaran, Sampathram, Kayal Devaraj  and others

Aishwarya Dutta, a Jain family, is friendly to Junior MGR, the hero. Junior MGR falls in love with Aishwarya Dutta. But Aishwarya decides to become a monk and join the Jain monastery. Junior MGR, who does not want to become Aishwarya Dutta monk, plan to kidnap him from the monastery, and what happened after that and his love comes success or not? Shows in film with commercial.

Junior MGR, who plays the hero, has worked hard to prove his talent in all the areas of love, sentimental, comedy, fighting and dancing.

Aishwarya Dutta, who plays the heroine, is more focused on wearing a short skirt than to attract fans through acting. Yogi Babu's scenes are so high, comedy and full of comedy makes us laugh. Centraian, who has been used for extra comedy, is trying to make us laugh as much as possible.

Shaji Chaudhry, who plays the villain, Sambathram, who plays the police officer, Yogi Devaraj, the father of the hero, Manimaran and Aswini, all the other actors have made the role decently with perfect acting.

The song scenes in the cinematography of Lenin Balaji are bright and focused. He has beautifully filmed the sea and the sea surrounding areas.

The songs in Srikanth Deva's music are sweet and tornado. The remix of the song "Nanga Pudasa Kattikkitta sure to dance the audience in theaters. The background has traveled according to the story.

Kira, who has been written and directed, has tried to make a film about the foxes men story and then directed the film for Junior MGR.

Irumban is fully entertained by songs, fight Scenes and comedy scenes of humor.