In Car Movie Review

Cast and Crew Details :

Ritika Singh
Sandeep Goyat
Manish Jhanjholia
Gyan Prakash

Production House : Inbox pictures

Produced By : Anjum Qureshi, Sajid Qureshi

Presented by : Studio Green  K. E. Gnanavelraja 

Written and Directed By : Harsh Warrdhan
Dop : Mithun Gangopadhyay
Music : Mathias Duplessy 
Art : Chetan Sagar
Editor : Manik Diwar
Action : Sunil Rodrigues
PRO : Sathish Kumar

College student Ritika Singh, a gang of three people go on the debt. Why did they abduct Ritika Singh? Who are they? Did Ritika Singh escape from them? Or not? The answer to such questions is brisk and fast in this film.

Ritika Singh, who plays the primary role after the film irudhi suttru, has played the role of a very strong role. When those who do not know who are, suddenly kidnapped in car, how is the woman's mood? Ritika Singh, who has been expressed in every move, seems to be a hard work in trying to escape from them.

Sandeep Goyat, Manish Jhanjholia and 
Gyan Prakash, who are abducting Ritika Singh, have been a suitable choice and have given lust and intoxication in acting.

Cinematographer Mithun Gangopadhyay has done the most challenging task. Although most of the scenes are going into the car, he moves the scenes with various angles. The cinematographer, who has filmed the fight and Ritika Singh very naturally, has added great strength to the film through his hard work.

The background of composer Mathias Duplessy has traveled according to the story. He has noticed the scenes through the size of the background music, without giving the music to change the course of the story anywhere.

Harsh Warrdhan, who has written and directed the film, focusing on the incidents of female trafficking and rape in India, has bravely said that such crimes are not an unexpected it was well pre planned crimes.

Although it is shocking that the young woman is abducted from a place full of people, many such traumatic events are being carried out in our community, the director who filmed the scene can be greatly appreciated.

Director Harsh Warrdhan, who has no solution to the story of sexual offense, has recorded that women should be very cautious in this community and that they are the only protection for them.