Thugs Movie Review

Cast : 

Hridhu Haroon - Sethu

Anaswara, Raja -

Simha - Durai 

RK Suresh - Arockia Doss

Munishkanth - Marudhu

Arun & Arvind - Ramesh & Rajesh 

Subburayan - Appani Sarath 

Bengali -Allwyn 

Annachi - Thenappan

Crew :

PRODUCED BY Riya Shibu, Mumthas M

Banner - HR pictures in association with Jio Studios




EDITOR - Praveen Antony

Creative Producer - Muthu Karuppaiah

Project Coordinator - Parameshwar Subash

Costume Designer - Malini Karthikeyan



Production designer  - Joseph Nellikal

T.Udhayakumar (Sound Vibe)

DI : Infinity Media 

Colorist: Arun Sangameshwar

PRO - Sathish Kumar, Siva (AIM)

Man Hirudhu Harun is sentenced to life imprisonment in the murder and robbery of Kumari district jail. Hrudu Haroon, who is waiting for him for his girlfriend Anaswara Raja, has successfully implemented the plan to accommodate some prisoners who have been sentenced to life imprisonment and plan to escape the jail? Or not? That is the story of the film.

Hridhu Haroon, who has all the qualifications for the action hero, is the first film, unlike the first film. Her vibrant acting increases the excitement of scenes. If you choose good stories, Hridhu Haroon has a great future in Kollywood.

Anaswara Raja, who plays the heroine, has no dialogue in this film. Her's peaceful performance is set to focus even though she comes in fewer scenes.

Bobby Simha, a fellow prisoner in prison, comes as a pillar of the hero's role. Although he is less likely, he has done it lack.

RK Suresh, who plays a prison officer, has justified his role as usual.

Munishkant, twin brothers Arun and Akash, Abani Sarath, PL Thenappan and Alvin are the appropriate choice for the role.

The cinematography of cinematographer Priyesh Gurusamy has added great strength to the film. The prison footage and specially escaping from the prison, the most elegant cinematographer is intimidated in action scenes.

The film has interesting move from the beginning to the end of the film's with special focused background music by composer Sam CS.

Praveen Antony's film editing is at the speed of express. The art of Joseph Nellikal and the work of the stunt director has added great strength to the film.

Director Brinda, who made the love story in the first film, has taken the action story in the second film. Whatever the story, every scene of the film proves that director Brinda has decided that the screenplay and scenes should be fast.

Director Brinda, who has moved a full -length action story with a focus on escape from prison, has been a very elegant film. The scene particularly Hridhu Haroon's Auto chasing fight is  amazing.

Thugs a good compact film