Kodai Movie Review


Karthick Singa

Robo Shankar





Ajay Ratnam

Bose Venkat



Scissor Manohar, Crane Manohar, Anand Babu, Vincent Roy, K.R.Vijaya, Nalini, Vaishali Thaniga, Jeevitha, Karate Raja, Meesai Rajendran, Simbu Thoufiq


Production Banner : SS Pictures

Written And Directed By Raajaselvam

Music: Subash Kavi

Dop: Arjunan Karthick

Editor: G.Sasikumar

Art: K.M.Nanthakumar

Choreography: Dinesh, Radhika

Stunts: Phoenix Prabu

Costumes: P.Rengasamy

Makeup: P.S.Kuppusamy 

Stills: Mohan

Production Executive: M.Balamurugan

Pro: Sathish Aim

Publicity Design: Reddot Pawan

Co Produced by: Dr.S.Pandi Durai

Karthik Singa, who runs a hostel in Kodaikanal, also he is running an orphaned children's house. Karthik Singa, who loves  heroine Anaya one side as she working in fire station at Kodaikanal as a head, Karthik Singa also has a ambition to give study the children in her orphaned home and fulfill their dreams.

Meanwhile, Anand Babu father of the heroine, 

GIven 25 lakhs donate to Karthik Singa's orphaned house. Ajay Ratnam's team are defrauding the money from Karthik Singa.

Karthik Singh, who decides to recover lost money, plans to go on the way of the fraudsters and take all the money they have defrauded from them. Did he win that project? Is it his love success? Or not? The rest of the film.

He made his debut as a hero in cinema with the name Vasan Karthik, and is now changing his name to Karthik Singh. Karthik Singh, who plays the same youth and vibrant in the first film, has been dancing as usual and fighting.

Newcomer Anaya, who plays the heroine, is the face of the family. She has done the job without any failes and it is a suitable choice for the character.

Ajay Ratnam, who plays the Villain, Plays a Fanatic to Idension Himself as a Brutal Villain.


Ms Baskar, Bose Venkat, Marimuthu, Singamuthu, Swaminathan, Q. Gnanasambandam, Anand Babu, Kr Vijaya, Vaishali Tanika, Karate Raja and many stars contains in this film.