Gatta Kusthi Movie Review

Starring: Vishnu Vishal, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Karunas, Munis Kanth, Kali Venkat, Redin Kingsley, Harisberadi Produced by: Vishnu Vishal, Ravideja

Music: Justin Prabhakaran Cinematography : Richard Nathan 
Directed by: Cella Ayyavu 
Release: Red GiantMovies
 P R O: Satish (AIM)

Veera (Vishnu Vishal), who lost his parents at a young age, grows up in the care of his uncle (Karunas). Uneducated Veera has her own house and land. Veera, who lives off the income from it, goes around the village panchayat and temple festival with his uncle. He has the feeling of looking at a girl. He conditions that the girl who comes to him should have long hair and should be less educated, but no such girl is available. In this case, Kata goes to see the wrestler Keerthy (Aishwarya Lakshmi). They decorate him according to the condition and tie him to Veera.

At one point, Veera gets angry with Keerti when it is revealed that she is a wrestler and sends her back to her mother's house. To prove that he is no slouch, he decides to go head-to-head with Keerthy in a grappling match. Both enter the field in the match. The climax explains what happened next.

Vishnu Vishal has chosen the katha kusti story as a way for families to come together to watch it so much so that they say he has got selected in the story selection. From the beginning, the scenes are in the realm of comedy, and till the climax, the stage is filled with laughter and applause.

On the one hand, Vishnu Vishal goes to see the girl to reject all the girls, on the other side, the groom's family comes to see Aishwarya Lakshmi and runs away when they find out that she is a wrestler. I stop comedies.

After Aishwarya lied to Vishnu that she studied up to B.Sc. even though she wore a 6-foot hair wig to Lakshmi and tied it to Vishnu, what will happen if the truth is known?

On the first night, Aishwarya asks Aishwarya to take off her wig to get it stuck under Vishnu's stomach when he is sleeping, and Vishnu tells Aishwarya to wash her head after taking a bath, and in the bathroom, she takes off her wig, washes it with shampoo, and squeezes her stomach.