Aha Tamil Original Udanpaal Review

Cast list:

Linga as paraman
Abarnathi as prema
Vivek prasanna as murali
Gayathrie shankar as kanmani v.T.M.Charle as vinayagam mayilswamy as vinayagam’s friend 
Dhanam as visalam
Dheena as parthipan
Master dharshithsanthosh as vigaan baby 
S.Manyashree as nila

Crew list:

Written & directed by - karthik seenivasan

Dop - madhan christoper

Music - sakthi balaji

Editor - g.Madan

Art director - msp.Madhavan.Bfa.

Story - ar.Raghavendran, karthik seenivasan

Costume designer - vaishali ravi selvam

Costumes - j.Nandha

Make up - shanmugam

Di - colorspace

Vfx supervisor - deva sathya

Audiography - soundable studios

Production head - ap paalpandi

Production manager - sathik

Production coordinator - pa. Manikandhan

Associate ep - mohan

Marketing & promotions - dec

Stills - akash balaji

Pro - sathish aim

Publicity design - thandora chandru

Executive producers - sarath nivash, kv mothi 

Produced by - kv durai

We all know Trailer of Udanpaal gets a wonderful response with many positive comments. As it's movie also comes with big response and positive reviews.

The film starring Charlie, Linga, Gayatri, Abernathi, Vivek Prasanna and Deena in important role.

Any film can be released in theaters. But the films have some qualifications for the release of the OTT Platform. This is the picture that is understood correctly.

This film need to sit with the family and enjoy with laugh. Also film shows fierceness of the human minds with life needs.

Known as a comedian, Charlie is known to accept any kind of character. But so far he can say that this is the crown. He pretends to be so naturally and puts our minds.

He has two sons and a daughter. All are married and he lives in his own house with his eldest son.

The daughter and son -in -law of the family are visit to Charlie's house for his demise  wife's respect giving memorable day. 

Charlie was happy that the son had come to the mind to give her mother respect on memorable day. But later he knows It seems that it is a planned conspiracy.

The son and daughter are planning to sell their house and divide them. Charlie refuses it with a reasonable question of where to live in the existing house. Then he goes to a shop that he go regularly.

Shortly after his arrival that shop has fallen.
government announces a news that the deceased will give 20 lakh rupees to the dead.

Although daddy's dead sleep is a side. everyone in Charlie's family eager to get 20 lakhs of rupees.

Director Karthik Srinivasan has been telling the comedy of what is going on next.

Charlie shines in acting with a kind of affection, even though he refuses to sell the house. Let the grandson be in a riot and calling grandson as grand father Charlie glows.Let their father or grandfather remembers every person who sees this picture.

Linga plays the eldest son of Charlin. Linga shines in a selfish performance, not knowing what we are doing under pressure from carrying the cost of the house.

Linga is amazingly handling the role of the sister and his wife to get rid of each other in the ego.

Needless to say, the acting of Abarnati, who plays his wife. She already stolen our hearts with the performance in hers recent film thean. In this film also she proved her's talent.

Gayatri as the daughter of Charlin. Needless to say, his acting. Gayatri's contribution to the role of a selfish role as a sister who does not escape the brother.

Vivek Prasanna, who plays Gayatri's husband, is rising high film to film. In this film he plays a useless person but When he opens his mouth, uncontrolled laugh flows.

Linga, Gayatriyan's last younger brother, is also appropriate, as well as Linga's aunty in this film.

They quote the image of Visu in one place in the screenplay - the truth. The film also relieves the lack of Visu.

The first half film is traveled unknow. The second half of the film moves slightly slowly, but eventually we forget that we have laughed and shed tears at end.

The cinematography of Madan Christopher is wonderful. He has taken the angles into a home and has taken no boredom.Shakti Balaji's background music is also appropriate.

Congratulations to KV Thurai, who produced the film through Aha Tamil Original.

The film, which is targeted by families, will definitely reach its goal.