Nadhi Movie Review

Produced By Mas Cinemas

Director - Thamarai Selvan

Starring: Sam Jones, Anandhi, Karu Palaniappan, Micset Sriram

Music by Dhibu Ninan Thomas

Story :

Love between a middle class boy studying in the same college and a rich girl studying in the same college. So what happens?

Nadhi film has some new twists with new ending to the classic story than usual. 

Sam Jones, who plays the lead, fits the role of a middle-class young man.

Love and fight scenes are gain for the pain.

Heroine Anandi is a great strength for the film. The scenes of falling in love and the determination at the end add to his specialness.

Muneeskanth, who plays the hero's father, does a good job. He also does it responsibly and gets well received.

Director A. Venkatesh, the heroine's father, Velaramamoorthy, who plays the heroine's grandfather, and Karu Palaniappan, who plays the heroine's maternal uncle, have beautifully portrayed the arrogance of the upper caste and the depravity of the politicians.

MS Prabhu's cinematography showcases Madurai and its surroundings as unseen before. 

Dhibu Ninan Thomas music is heavy on songs and more in background music.

Nadhi it may seems like an old story but Nadhi flows and not stagnates in one place.