Mahaveeryar Movie Review

 Two worlds come together in a courtroom to address concerns that are still relevant—that’s Abrid Shine’s satire drama Mahaveeryar in a nutshell.

The dispute is between a commoner woman and a haughty and conceited ruler Rudra Mahaveera Ugrasena Maharaja. The king, who has been suffering from hiccups for several months, has a vision that he can be healed by the tears of a young woman. He has 2,000 wives but none of them are able to cure him. On his orders, a woman (Shanvi Srivastava) who resembles the one in the king’s vision is forcibly brought to the palace. He tries to get her to cry, but she doesn’t, and that makes him even more furious.

Most of the film takes place in a courtroom, with the first half focusing on a young monk named Apoornanandan (Nivin Pauly), who is accused of stealing a priceless idol from the temple. It is fairly entertaining and the dark humour succeeds in keeping the audience interested. It was entertaining to see Apoornanandan defend himself in court. The second half is more serious, probably because it deals with a political issue. The major part of the plot is revealed in the second half.

Nivin Pauly, who plays sage Apoornnananthan, showcases a side he’s never disclosed before. He plays this role with panache and grace. Shanvi Srivastava comes up with a sensational performance as Devyani. She is simply outstanding in the scene in which she is expected to cry but has no tears to offer.

Siddique as judge Veerendrakumar too is brilliant. Asif Ali as Veerabhadran, Lal as Ugrasena Maharaja also deliver commendable performances. Chandru Selvaraj’s visuals are a delight to watch. The lighting in particular is simply sensational. In fact, the first scene of the film appears be like a painting. Ishaan Chhabra’s music is mellifluous. The background score, especially for the climax, deserves special mention.