Pepper Watcher Productions in association with Anglos In the Wind CALCUTTA, I’M SORRY!


Written & Directed by Harry MacLure, (a playwright, comic book illustrator & filmmaker, also the Editor of Anglos In The Wind, an international magazine for Anglo-Indians,) this English film sketches the emotional journey (both physically & mentally) of an Anglo-Indian lady (Amanda Wright), a teacher living at Coonor. Her quiet & peaceful solitary life gets shattered when she diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS)!

Amanda undergoes a lot of transformation as she unwinds her old memories and decides to patch up with her estranged daughter, Sabrina who is living in Chennai. As she is very passionate about cycling, she takes on a cycling trip from Coonor to Chennai covering a distance of 547 kms with an objective of meeting her granddaughter! 

After an adventurous journey by cycle to Chennai, Amanda manages to meet her Sabrina who is not too happy to meet her mother. After a lot of persuasion, Amanda finally gets to know of her granddaughter’s address at Calcutta through Sabrina’s live-in partner, Lakshmi!

Amanda takes yet another cycling expedition to Calcutta covering an unimaginable distance of 1670 kms!

At the end of an eventful journey, Amanda finally reaches her final destination (Calcutta) and reaches out to that address!

A shock, rather a surprise awaits her at the door which eventually leads her to her 14 year-old granddaughter who is very passionate about music and singing! 

Amanda achieves what she wanted to-meet her granddaughter!

She gifts her Ukulele and leaves behind her cycle too to her granddaughter before bidding a goodbye after which she walks out in order to return home!


Written & Directed by Harry MacLure

Music- Ganesh Ramanna

Cinematography & Editing by- Nicholas Moses