Vilangu ( Zee 5 Web Series Review )

Cast: Vimal, Iniya, Munishkanth, Bala Saravanan, R, NR Manohar, Reshma, Chakravarti,

Production: Madan on behalf of Escape Artist

Music: Ajeesh

Cinematography: Dinesh Purushothaman

Direction: Prasanth Pandyaraj

Release: G5 Web Series

PRO: Satish (AIM)
Vimal works as a sub-inspector at a police station in the Trichy area. Bala Saravanan and Munish Kant also work in the same police station.

Vimal goes to inquire about a corpse in a decomposing forest in the area. Senior Officer DSP arrives at the scene. Someone steals the head of the corpse as he leaves the supervisor and leaves.

Vimal is shocked to hear this. To inform the DSP, he severely reprimands Vimala and warns her that she will be dismissed if she does not find the missing head within a certain day. 

The head of the head waves the bridth. In the meanwhile he catches and interrogates many. At one point a policeman is suspected of doing things like buying tea at the police station. He refuses to admit it at first, but later confesses to being the killer after being beaten by police. The police force is terrified when it is revealed that what he did was not a murder but an 8 murder. Missing head?

8 The excitement increases as each mysterious knot is unraveled as to why the murder was committed. The climax of this can be seen in the G5 web series. The first few episodes of the seven-episode Animal Web Series start lightly and then fly at jet speeds. This is the first web series starring actor Vimal.

Vilangu has been created with a focus on a real incident that took place in the Trichy area. Seriousness begins in the web series when Wimal goes to the forest to inquire about the rotten corpse, thinking that it will be a routine interrogation but the head of the corpse disappears while the high official DSP is there. After that the director has tied the wings to the series  just flying wide.

Although Vimal is quiet as usual, he differs in many places in his acting. After finding out that the person who buys tea at the police station is the killer, it is good tact to talk nicely to him and tell the truth.

Sir, there is no one .. Awesome sir .. That person to say Ask Vimal what it is, Not only is Wimal trembling with fear as he raises that rating to eight murders in the subsequent scenes when he claims to be the 2nd murder Senchen sir, but the fact that all the policemen from the inspector onwards see that person in a frenzy mixes with excitement and horror.

Let's go and have some tea at home: the scenes where the killer calls will become popular with the fans. Bala Saravanan tracks down the culprits who are caught until they know who the killer is. He's completely transformed to the point of asking if he's a cop or a villain. Bala Saravanana, who has been seen as a comedian in many films, is whitewashed in acting like this.