Ashtakarma Movie Review


Shrita Sivadas
Nandini Rai 
Priyadarshini Rajkumar


Producer - Mishri Enterprises
Story-writing-Direction -  Vijay Tamilselvan
Cinematography - R. b.  Guru Dev
Art - Kishore
Music - L. v.  Muthu Ganesh
Editor - Mani Kumaran
Executive Producer  - A.m.a Malik
Line producer - Binu Ram
PRO - Sathish (AIM)

Psychiatrist Kishan has no faith in demons or devils. Kishan participates in a debate on TV on whether there is a ghost or not. He argues that there is no such thing as a ghost.

One of the witches who is participating in the same discussion, I agree that there is no ghost if he stays in the house he says one day and challenges me to see if you can stay. Kishan accepts the challenge and asks the owner for permission to stay in the house.

The family, who had already moved house due to the haunting, refused to allow Kishan to stay in the house. The sorcerer tells Dr. Kishan that misfortunes happen because the ritual is kept in a particular house. Kishan tells the family again about the matter and tries to get rid of the culprit. Climax explains what happens with a startling incident.

CS Kishan is making his debut as a newcomer hero. Being a hero, I chase away the monster, chase, 2 fight scenes, 4 song scenes that do not do any of the work required for the story to get the pass mark has earned the mark.

To the woman who came to him for advice, "Kishan reassures her that everything is haunted by own thoughts. He said to that women as You itself assuming thinks that not happened. At some point he knows the woman's family has been affected by devils attack called seivinai and he goes to work to remove it was intrested in film.

The sorcerer's claim that he could not take the particular action and that it could be returned to those who possessed it, and that the search for the perpetrator was intriguing.

When the suspense of who the perpetrators are breaks down, "Are these the ones who did that?" That outweighs the surprise and shock.

A song sung by director T.Rajender in the film sounds after the Climax. In the scene, Kishan sings and dance with attracting womens.

Co-produced by CS Padamchand and C. Arihant Raj CS Kishan on behalf of Mishri Enterprises.

Vijay Tamilselvan has created a horror film and spread the horror. Emphasizing that doing so can cause harm to some people.

LV Muthu ganesh's music is in full swing.
RP Gurudev is filming the camera scenes without ambiguity.

Ashtakarma - Emphasizes the evil of action strongly.