Insha Allah Tamil Movie Review

Hero - Mohan
Heroine - K.Menaka
Secondary main character - Nambirajan
Secondary main character - Pagavathi Ammal

 Writers: Thoppil Mohammed Meeran, Firthouse Rajakumaran,
Script & Direction: Seerkatchi Packil Pandian Bhaskaran.
Produced by Nesam Entertainment Private Ltd
Producer: Shahul Hameed
Co-producer: Kovai Ibrahim
Cinematography: TS Prasanna
Sync sound, Sound Design, and Editing: Senthil Kumaran Shanmugam
Costume Designer: Dhaksha Amudhan,
Production Design: Ilangumaran

The Film narrates the story of a middle-class Muslim society and is partly inspired short stories of Thoppil Mohammed Meeran and Firdous Rajakumaran.
Who chose death as a central theme.

The script touches upon the five tenets of Islam - daily prayers, alms giving - zakat, fasting during Ramadan, pilgrimage to Mecca - Haj and the profession of faith.

Director SPP Bhaskaran received praise from his mentors, director Bharathiraja and K Bhagyaraj. 

insha Allah special screening held for veteran filmmakers in Chennai recently. They given positive reviews about the film.

Realistic Cinematography done by T S Prasanna of Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy and recording of live sounds. 

Poet Vikramathithan and his wife Bhagavathi Ammal who play an old couple in the film as well. 

After doing the festival circuit it was an  official selection at 32 film festivals and won nine awards at international film festivals.

Film shoot at Pillyarpuram village in Coimbatore where hundreds of families from different religious live in perfect harmony.

Abdul Salam from Thanjavur and related to Kamala amma, wife of late actor Sivaji Ganesan plays an important role of an elderly man who saves money to do Haj but gives it away to support a needy girl’s marriage.”

Overall Film is perfect make.