Actor Vasanth Ravi and Pranav Padmachandran launch Mayan


Online clinical consultations and treatments are abundantly found when it comes to physical health, there’s always a scarcity when it comes to mental health-oriented consultations and therapies. Spearheading this aspect through ‘Mayan – Innate Healers App’, actor Vasanth Ravi, who has launched it, assures that the platforms will have a wide range of experts across various alternative therapies that can help users, who are in need of mental health assistance. Besides, the users can get their physical health issues resolved as well to a limited extent.

Vasanth Ravi says, “Our app offers a wide variety of alternative therapies like Psychology counseling, Yoga therapy, Pranic healing, Reiki, Tibetan healing, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy. The users can book the therapists based on several filters like type of therapy, language, gender, and ratings.” The admirable part about the App is that therapists are ennobled as ‘Healers’ and patients as ‘users’.

“Of course, I personally believe that’s the right way to address and I am happy it comes in practice with Mayan – Innate Healers,” delightfully utters Vasanth Ravi, who is curiously awaiting the release of his magnum opus movie ‘Rocky’.  He continues to add, “People can reach out to expert therapists about their mental health support through our one on one video consultation app at their comfort of their homes. Users need not travel long distances to find their healers or settle for healers only within their area. Users can now book healers based on their reviews, ratings, and their preferred type of healing. “

The experts associated with Mayan – Innate Healers App deal with several ailments including  Depression,  Anxiety, Love and Relationship issues, Increase Productivity, Improve Mindfulness, Insomnia (Sleeplessness), Exam stress, Financial stress, Workplace Stress, Loneliness, Grief, or loss of loved one, Headache/Sinus/Migraine, LGBTQ support, Marital problems, Diabetes, Blood Pressure (Hyper Tension/Hypo Tension),  Joint Pains, Back Pain,

The app will be first launched in Android Playstore and will later release in iOS and Web as well.