Hansika Motwani gets a birthday gift with a celestial ‘STAR’ named after her

 Certain gifts are priceless that you’ll find no words to describe them and such happens to be the moment that our birthday girl Hansika Motwani is going through. She is on seventh heaven to have found few special people gifting her a STAR named after her. The actress took the news along with the star registry certificate on her Twitter page. 

She says, “You guys know how much I’m obsessed with stars. So I am blessed with the best family and friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift than a star named after me. Thank you to my amazing people for this.” 

It is noteworthy that actress Hansika Motwani is a fervent lovers of celestial bodies and has devoted most of her times in studying the nature of stars out of passion. 

On her professional front, Hansika Motwani has completed shooting for ‘Maha’ which is her 50th film and is working on Partner and an Amazon Web Series. The first look posters and lots of amazing features in the film have created excellent expectations. She is also on the signing spree of some promising projects, which will have the official announcement made soon.