Awareness Message from Actress Rashmi Gopinath

Cocktail & Virus Movie fame Actress Rashmi Gopinath

Awareness Message from Actress Rashmi Gopinath

Please don’t be stupid and stay inside.
There are many people with this Virus that show no symptoms and are still highly contagious.
Protect yourself when you need to leave your house out of respect for others.
Don’t leave home to go party/socialize with groups just to make time go by faster, it’s seriously hurting all of us.
Be safe and take care of one another.
Let’s defeat this virus together.
Don’t panic, stay positive.

How am I spending my time at home?

I’m using this time to learn a lot about myself, I’m someone who enjoys my own company.
I’m focusing on my health.. my body mind and emotions.
Doing Workouts, baking cakes, cleaning, watching a lot of movies that I never had the time to watch before, reading, taking a few acting classes online and sleeping a lot.

Make your own mask

So my mom made this three layered mask at home for me and my family.
Even after the lockdown we have to maintain social distancing when you go grocery shopping.
You can easily make these masks at home or wear a scarf or handkerchief to cover your face when you step outside.
Please leave the surgical masks for the healthcare professionals, because they need it more than we do and they are all fighting for us out there who are the real heroes.