Kajal Aggarwal to launch 'Asura Kadhal!

A new team of Singaporean singers, musicians & filmmakers have teamed up in the name of One Clan. They have produced an Anti-Violence against Women Song & Music Video.

JK Saravana & his Tantra Studios team worked on the post-production. There is a strong message to society in this video supported by Wish A Smile Foundation & #IKilledSuicide movement.

Upon my request of Director, Venkat Prabhu, a member of Wish A Smile Foundation, Kollywood Starlet, Kajal Aggarwal, has agreed to launch the music video via her Twitter & Facebook page later today, 18th March 2020 @ 5pm (IST).

This Tamil Hip Hop RnB song has a fitting music video waiting to leave a lasting impression on viewers globally!

Watch out for the video later today!

Song: Asura Kadhal
Genre: Tamil Hip Hop RnB
Highlight: Stop Violence Against Women
Singers: Thiru TK | Dharmenism
Rappers: Baha Mista B | Spice
Composers: Thiru TK | Dharmenism
Music By: Deyo

Music Video
Direction: Thiru TK
Cinematography: Levin
Editing - JK Saravana, Kutti Kumar & Chidhambaram S
DI Grading - JK Saravana
Visual Effects - Susheel BG