Studio Uno Records - A world Class Audio Studio in Vadapalani

A world class audio studio equipped with the  latest state of the art hi-tech audio equipments has found it's home at Vadapalani, which is home to all post production activities of Kollywood Cinema.

This facility sports a select range of premium quality high standard equipments capable of giving out world class recordings and listening experience.

It's noteworthy to highlight that Core  Series 'Dynaudio' systems, the industry standard reference finds it's due recognition at the leading studios like BBC London, Warner Studios, Yashraj Studios, Mumbai and Isai Puyal AR Rahman which stands testimony to it's more than two decade long presence and influence among the best creative musical minds.

It also has a small discussion lounge for the   creative minds to discuss about their musical stories.

This world class facility that capable of churning out premium quality audio, also hosts a small preview theatre for the technical team to study all the intricate detailing for both visuals and sound.

This new world class audio studio in Vadapalani welcomes you all the creative minds with open arms for a fruitful association.