Director Mysskin's Thanks Note

A filmmaker’s journey is as weird as their success rate is truly based on how well proficient alchemist or drivers they are. Naturally, these are the most adorable roles admired, where one converts a simple idea into a valuable asset and another one commutes the crowd into his universe. Director Mysskin has substantially proved of such paradigms, where he created a fan base for himself through his maverick filmmaking style. Furthermore, he has become the pioneer of the decade to prove that there’s nothing such dualities called ‘Offbeat’ and ‘Commercial’ cinemas. End of the day, it’s about bringing good stories with valuable content that encapsulates emotional quotients together. Accordingly, Mysskin has now proved to be a ‘Jack of all Genres’ by completing his hat-trick through Pisasu (Horror), Thupparivalan (Detective-Thriller) and recent sensational hit Psycho (Psychological-Thriller).

“More than claiming this as a success, I want to label it as ‘Unconditional Love’ that I have gained from the crowds. I always believe that whatever genre or backdrop a film might belong to, the audiences will appreciate it if they are emotionally connected. I made these films with ‘blind hopes’ and eventually landed up in their good books.” smilingly says Mysskin, who feels that ‘Blind Hopes’ and ‘Soulful Search’ are the inherent elements in our lives. He adds, “In fact, my protagonists Siddarth (Pisasu), Kaniyan Pongundran (Thupparivalan) and Gautham (Psycho), embraced these mantras, which I humbly consider as a takeaway for audiences. I thank the entire cast and crew of these films, producers, technicians, well wishers, critics and audiences for filling my marks sheet with ‘Distinction’. Filled with more positivity and the same hopes, I want to continue my journey entertaining the film buffs to the best of my abilities. I will be soon making official announcements on my new projects.”