V1 Movie Review And Rating

Narmada (Gayathri), who was getting killed in the very first shot and her lover Inba is being interrogated by the cops Luna and Agni. During the first half investigation was prolonged with Inba, a young happy go guy and along with them school going boy all were suspected. With the additional, in the second half one more guy added, who he was staying near, where the murder happened.

Newcomer Arun Castro is a good fit to play the lead, with his strong voice being a big plus. There are a couple of other characters in the cast who are impressive, such as the hero’s colleague and Lijeesh. The rest of the cast is packed with new or relatively new names who all fit the bill decently.

V1’s technical core is basic, and it works with passable cinematography and music which aids the narration. On the whole, this is a film which is pretty good on paper but somewhat loses the fizz when it comes onscreen. Nevertheless, a decent watch for those who like murder mysteries.

Rating - 3.25/5