Sathyaraj’s remarkable feat with dubbing of ‘Theerpugal Virkapadum’

From the very point of inception, everything pertaining to Theerpugal Virkapadum starring Sathyaraj has been making huge waves. From the top-notch cameras that are used in Tamil industry for the first time followed by Sathyaraj’s mind-boggling action blocks, everything has been setting the momentum of expectations to the pinnacle. Now the crew has completed the dubbing portions of the film, where director Dheran is in awe of Sathyaraj’s remarkable feat of completing dubbing in a single stretch of 12 hours.

"Working with Sathyaraj sir has now injected in me an insatiable passion for cinema with more doses. To be frank, I felt that he would be apt for the role that I have crafted on the script papers. But after working with him, I have become a much bigger fan of his hard work and dedication. It isn’t just about his passion and professionalism, but his emotional adherence to the art of acting. Beyond the professional ethics and artiste, he has inspired everyone around him on the sets as a human. His dedicated performance is sure to become the major strength and pillar of Theerpugal Virkapadum. We have successfully completed the dubbing phase of the film and it was really marvelous to see Sathyaraj sir complete dubbing his portions in continuous stretch of 12 hours. We are very elated with the way; the film has shaped up and will be soon presenting the teaser."

Theerpugal Virkapadum is an edge-seated thriller with high octane action blocks performed by Sathyaraj. The film is bankrolled by Sajeev Meerasahib Rawther for HoneyBee Creations and marks the directorial debut of Dheran. Prasad SN (Music) ‘Garudavega’ Anji (Cinematography), Dinesh Subarayan (Stunts) and Noufal Abdullah (Editor) are the prominent technicians involved in the film.