RJ Balaji’s ‘Mind Voice’ New Episode on JioSaavn – Half Yearly Exam Leave

RJ Balaji has never missed to hit bull’s eyes when it comes to amusing his fans with absolute entertainment. His talks have never seen the dearth of humour and he has remained synonymous towards ‘Fun and Amusement’.  In this new episode of JioSaavn ‘Mind Voice’, RJ Balaji brings a fun-filled talk on ‘Half Yearly Exam Leave’, which is quite a familiar moment in the school and college life. RJ Balaji claims this to be a much nostalgic moment for many as it sprouts up a festive feel. However, despite the scenarios have completely changed now as academic holidays have changed, but ‘Half Yearly Holidays’ remain statically huge.

This includes 1O-days holiday that encompasses fun, celebration and inevitably challenging home and record works. RJ Balaji also commutes us to the ‘Guide Books’ that 90s Kids would bank their hopes on. The humorous part is to now look back and experience the nervous ‘Opening Day of School’, where we need to receive the exam papers and submit the record books, if you were in 10th and 12th std particularly. This episode from RJ Balaji stands out to be a much enjoyable one as he brings our memories of Gully Crickets, Temple Visits, the borrowed SLR cameras, the newly polished shoes, the clean white uniform shirts from laundry and more than all, the New Year Celebrations.

It’s actually a loveable experience for 90s kids as he brings in the relishing moment of ‘Alaipaayuthey-Kandukondein Kandukondein’ audio in same cassette and lots more.